Monday, December 21, 2009

Shoko IMANO “HIDE-SEEK” 2009

Shoko Imano's new works one-man show was held at HIRO GALLERY from October 13 to 28 in 2009.

Finishing the stay in Rome at the Coming Artists Overseas Study Program of Cultural Affairs Agency, it was the first one-man show after the return to Japan.

The painting above is a work made after his coming back from Rome. It's his familiar series, “Blouse.”

If we compare them, this one has totally different atmosphere from the works made in Rome.

After all, artworks reflect the ambience, life and culture of the place where the works were made, so it was an enjoyable exhibition we were able to compare the differences.

A woman wearing a blouse in closeup. The trimmed piece rouses our imagination. This is one of the attractions of Shoko Imano's works.

The painting above is a work made in Rome.

The motifs of the works by Shoko Imano are delicate ones such as skin, translucent shirts, and so on. Therefore, it is very difficult to show the subtle colors in the images of publications or on the web.

We hope you will see the works first hand in the future.