Friday, July 16, 2010

Shoko Imano / ART OSAKA 2010

From July 9th [Fri.] to 11th [Sun.], ART OSAKA 2010 was held at Dojima Hotel, Osaka. HIRO GALLERY introduced Shoko Imano in a one-man show style.

Shoko Imano’s works have a wondrous, encompassing ambience as if they soften the whole place that surrounds them. His works are well suited to the hotel rooms filled with gentle lightings and natural light. Some of the attendance, after looking at other rooms, said “The number of the works in this room is not too much and I feel relieved.”

We exhibited some works using water as an installation in this fair. The oil painting immersed in the bathtub got a lot of attention by audience and they gave various reactions.

The horizontal line drawn on the oil painting titled “Bathtub,” is waste product from our bodies and symbol of everyday life. It is locked in a painting, an unreal world, then it is immersed in the real bathtub again. A complicated art world emerges.

Shoko Imano shows us his original humor on solid foundation. This time, he suggested a possibility of new expressions again.

Thank you very much for coming.