Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chimei Hamada from HIRO GALLERY / +PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair

“+PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair” is going to be held at the Tobi Art Forum (3rd and 4th floors in Tokyo Art Club Bldg.) from November 19th [Fri.] to 21st [Sun.]

+PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair

From HIRO GALLERY, The works by Chimei Hamada are exhibited, whose large exhibition was held at the Museum of Modern Art, Hayama from this July to September.

"The World of HAMADA Chimei - Elegy and Humor in Prints and Sculptures - " at The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

Chimei Hamada is one of the leading print maker and sculptor in Japan, and keeps making art works vigorously although he is 92 years old now. His works were exhibited at the Ⅳ Mostra Internazionale di Bianco e Nero 1956-Lugano. Elegy for a New Conscript: Sentinel received the second prize. And in 1979, Albertina National Museum of Art, Vienna, Austria organized Chimei Hamada Exhibition where self-nominated 100 copper prints were displayed. In 2008, his works were placed at Uffizi Gallery in Florence and became the first Japanese Artist whose works were placed there. Uffizi Gallery organized Chimei Hamada exhibition which is the first Japanese artist’s one-man show. His achievements are highly praised worldwide.

Uffizi Museum – View of the Exhibition

Chimei Hamada’s art works are mainly divided into two categories. One category is war-related. He accuses harsh reality he experienced in his 20’s solder life. Another one is the works that satirizes the absurdity and ugliness in our daily life humorously.

Ghost Brought Back to Life
etching, aquatint / 30.8×21.6cm / 1956

Half of it being sunk, a battleship emerges under the sea. Its cannon barrel is tangled by seashells and garbage and it leans miserably. The sail of the ship became a military man from the middle of it, seashells are attaching to the breast instead of the medals, and his skull is barely shown. However, he sticks out his chest, the left eye looks strongly into the void and there is a large beard on his poor looking head. Although both the military man and battleship have already been nonliving, as if not being aware of the fact, they overawed the surroundings. It’s a sad but silly scene, and in the same time, we can sense a kind of frightfulness.

Man Examining a "Masterpiece?"
bronze / 29.5×29.0×13.0cm / 2000

From 1980’s, Chimei Hamada has also started making sculptures. It is a work that a man who has empty head, wearing a stethoscope, “examines” also an empty painting. It caricatures the tendency in the art scene. When looking art works, not trying to look at the works as they are, some people “examine” them. “Is painting so uninteresting and difficult?” As if we can hear the artist’s question.

Please come and enjoy the exhibition.

+PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair

Tobi Art Forum (3rd and 4th floors in Tokyo Art Club Bldg.)
6-19-15 Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan Map

November 19 [Fri.] 16:00~20:00
      20 [Sat.] 11:00~20:00
      21 [Sun.] 11:00~17:00

Booth No. of HIRO GALLERY : 4-18