Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Comune di Vinci “La Chiesa di Santa Croce” / Mostra Cecco Bonanotte 1970-2010

Cecco Bonanotte made sculptures for Santa Croce Church in Vinci village, Tuscany region, Italy. For commemorating the accomplishment, the opening ceremony was held on 18 June.

Vinci Village is well known as the hometown of Leonardo da Vinci, and the historic baptistery Leonardo was baptized in is still placed in the church. Bonanotte produced the works that surround the historic baptistery and the round sculptures that decorates the ceiling dome.

Leaflet [Italian]

Leaflet [English]

To celebrate it, “Cecco Bonanotte Exhibition 1970-2010” is being held at Leonardo Museum near the church until 6 November. When you have chance to go to Italy, please go and enjoy the exhibition.

「Cecco Bonanotte Exhibition 1970-2010」
Venue: Leonardo Museum (Conti Guidi Castle), Vinci Village, Tuscany Region, Italy
Term: 18 June – 6 November [Open daily]
Hours Open: 9:30 – 19:00

Website of the exhibition