Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Debra Force Fine Art, Inc. Ethnos/Techne: Theodoros Stamos and Michael Michaeledes

An exhibition “Ethnos/Techne: Theodoros Stamos and Michael Michaeledes” is being held at Debra Force Fine Art, Inc. in New York.

ethnos theodoros stamos michael michaeledes art exhibition

HIRO GALLERY held an exhibition of Theodoros Stamos in 1996.

HIRO GALLERY / Theodoros Stamos Exhibition in 1996

Organic expression that could be found in the works by stamos is full of archaic vitality. Being mysterious and strong, it makes us feel the ethnic influence as a Greek.

Infinity Field Jerusalem Series
acrylic on canvas / 157.5×147.3cm / 1983

Theodoros Stamos

Venue: Debra Force Fine Art, Inc. in New York, USA
Term: February 2 [Thu.] - March 23 [Fri.], 2012
Official Website: http://www.debraforce.com/events