Thursday, February 4, 2010

Osuke Shimazaki Exhibition 2010.2.22 - 3.13

An exhibition of Osuke Shimazaki, an aloof painter, is going to be held at HIRO GALLERY from Feb. 22nd [Mon.] to Mar. 13th [Sat.] 2010.

Altona in Hamburg
oil on canvas / 65.2×53.0cm / 1970

Osuke Shimazaki was born in 1908 as the third son of Toson Shimazaki, one of the great literary figures that represent Japan. Toyed with by harsh fate in a turbulent age, opportunities to publish his works didn’t come easily, but his passion for art never ceased throughout his life.

When he finished the compilation of the complete collection of Toson in 1970, he depicted the all works in a common color scheme of sepia in Germany, where he spent in his youth. The sepia is the color he chose to represent his own expression. We sincerely hope that you come and uncover the hidden message of “the color of solitude.”

Details of the exhibition

An Aloof Artist
Osuke Shimazaki Exhibition
-Persistence and Liberation on the Sepia-

Term: 2010.2.22[Mon.] - 3.13[Sat.] Closed on Sundays
Time: 10:00 - 19:00