Friday, February 26, 2010

Osuke Shimazaki Exhibition - Reception -

The opening reception of the Exhibition of Osuke Shimazaki, an aloof artist, was held in HIRO GALLERY on Feb. 22nd.

Osuke Shimazaki, whose exhibition was held only once during his life, was featured in magazines and newspapers so a lot of attendance came to the reception. Mr. Sosuke Shimazaki, the son of Osuke Shimazaki, attended the reception and told us the various memories with his father, Mr. Osuke.

In this exhibition, 7 landscape paintings in a common color scheme of sepia in Germany and 2 drawings are exhibited. The strong power of sepia, that seems to evoke the old memories of human, creates a unique and calm ambience.

The display of the real “Note,” the notebooks for his study of thought and art that he had made from 1951 to 1988, got a lot of favorable comments. We can feel Osuke’s sincere attitude to art directly from his “Note,” which reached 164 volumes in his life.


“There’s been something that is hard to grasp and hampered me from childhood. That was the thing that couldn’t be expressed though any ready-made approach. That was the appearance of depth. The sense of reality of it was monstrous. This was difficult to get closer, but existed there deeply. It was the real identity of the sense of loneliness and fear. I attained the way to express them best.”
“The profound sense of reality of this thing that seems to be lying on the bottom. Yes, the light on the bottom of a river, twinkling of pebbles ― the grave sense of fear. It seems that reality can be said the appearance of depth. Now is the time to express this affecting reality. The depth of the reality.”
Note 100, 19th Feb. 2010)

The exhibition is being held until Mar. 13th. [Sat.]

Details of the exhibition